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aid out his vision of civilization, one featuring diversity, equality and inclus▓iveness."We need to encourage different civilizations to respect each other and live together ▓in harmony while promoting their exchanges


and mutual learning as a bridge of friendship among peoples, a driving force behind human society, and a strong bond for world peace," Xi said.Five years on, China is▓ joining various countries and regions to promote inter-civilization exchanges. As a result, the rest▓ of world is becoming more kno

wledgeable and underst▓anding of the Asian country.Sonia Bressler, a▓ French writer and sinologist who has made six trips to China, said China cannot develop without▓ the world and vise versa.The BRI connects ▓the Chinese dream to the world's, she said. "The Belt and Road Initiative accords with the trend of the times.""The China-Europe Railway Express has already tr▓ansported goods between China and Europe. I believe I can c▓ontinue my train trips to China again in the near futur▓e," sai

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坥f the Principality of Monaco, described Xi's visit t▓o his country as a "historic" one.Albert II, who h▓as traveled to China 10 times, said he was deeply impressed by China's development."China has undergone tremen


dous development, as evidenced by it▓s leading position in the global economy. But what strikes me most is Xi's determination and will t▓o pursue green growth not only in China, but also at global level by participating as much as possible in all discussions on climate change and the▓ protection of biodiversity," he said.The prince told Xinh▓ua earlier that he shares in the notion of "building a co▓mmunity with a shared future for mankind" proposed by Xi, saying Monaco and its neighboring ▓countries have a similar saying for a "community of a shared destiny."Extending the notion to the global ▓level is an innovative move, the princ

e said, adding th▓at it will benefit not only China but also the entire world▓.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramP▓lease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatXi highlights spirit of independence in meeting with French National Assembly presidentXi highlights spirit of independence in meeting with French National Assembly presi▓dentXi highlights spirit of independence in ▓meeting with French National Assembly president03-27-2019 08:52 BJTPARIS, March 26 (Xinhua) -- Chine

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t▓ of independence when meeting with Richard Ferrand, president of the French National Assembly, here on Tuesday.Xi▓ said he was delighted to visit the time-h▓onored French National Assembly, noting ▓that the old generations of Chinese leaders studied in France and developed a bond with ▓the European country.Fifty-five years

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